Radiant Energy

Alchemy...and some thoughts on the Wizard of Oz...

Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the process of turning energy into physical form (lead into gold)
Become energetically wealthy – how do you invest your energy?
What are the consequences of your investments?

There are parts of you that are not in present time. You are spread out in the cosmos beyond your understanding. Where is your energy being invested?

The internet is an alchemical wonder. It represents the global brain shifting our culture. We have become officially an energetic culture more than a mater-culture.


Your chakras are not only aligned one on top of another – it can no longer be taught this way. You have an 8th chakra where your spiritual contracts are stored. The form of the contract has a great deal of influence on the power challenges you will experience in your lifetime. There is no emotion in the place where you decide and agree on your contracts.

Every time you go into a experience of learning how to work with power, you work at actually melting down the lead in your life and turning it into gold. (World of matter = World of lead)

The 4th to the 7th chakras are where you do your work in changing energy into matter, and matter into energy.


Archetypes = neutral patterns that direct the magnetics of your psyche.
There are 12 archetypes:

  1. Hero
  2. Warrior
  3. King
  4. Queen
  5. Mother
  6. Father
  7. Prostitute
  8. Saboteur
  9. Child
  10. Victim
  11. Hermit
  12. Actor

Everyone has these 12 archetypes in our energy field that form our sacred contracts. You made agreements before you incarnated and these archetypal patterns are your guiding partners in the magnetic construct of your life. These archetypes come together before you’re born and they form a support team so that as you descend into your physical life, you are where you’re supposed to be so that you can complete your lessons and agreements, and in turn, so that you can fulfill your sacred contacts.

You will first interact with the main four archetypes (Prostitute, Saboteur, Child and Victim) as you begin to mature in the physical life. The challenges of power that go with each of these archetypes are the ones that will make or break you as you start out in the beginning stages of your life. When you get to a point in your late 30’s to mid-40, these four archetypal patterns will come to call in a very strong way. If you have not become empowered enough – if you haven’t learned to work with and convert these energies into their positive sides - your life will come tumbling down around you in some way that’s based upon these four sources.

The first half of our lives is about the management of spirit into physical matter, and the second half is about matter into spirit. So there is this transference of the psyche where we begin to ask ourselves things about life that we haven’t asked ourselves about before, like, "Is there more to life?", "What can I give?", "There has to be more than just taking, doesn't there?". These questions are alchemical questions. They have the voltage to change the whole physical format and the whole relationship dynamic that you’ve set up for yourself. These are not questions but invocations, and what you’re invoking is power. The power that comes in is like little spiritual guides that come into the background and quietly begin to work with you. They go through you, chakra by chakra, and they set up experiences in your life to help you deal with unfinished business. Resolving unfinished business is vital because it allows you to transform that which is no longer needed in your life (lead) and to transform it into gold. Once you've tranformed your lead into gold, you are equipped with the power you need to be able to move on and deal with the next stage of your life.

Every bit of unfinished business, of negativity, or attitudes – the shadow part of life – represents one unit of weight. It's the weight of the lead you are carrying around with you. For each pound of lead you have, you have to wait for an additional month for things to happen. Weight = Wait. There is a direct relationship. Reach a point where you don’t have to wait at all and you can transform energy into matter instantaneously.

Synchronicity is the capacity to alchemically transform energy into matter rapidly because there’s no weight in your history; another thing is that you’re not afraid of letting it happen; people hold on to their lead because they don’t like speed because they are terrified of how fast your life will change if you give up that lead (attachment to lead).

What’s so important to understand is that every organ is like a book in an alchemical laboratory. You can look up in that organ exactly what formula you have to go through to melt the lead in that organ to make it weightless. If something isn’t changing in your life no matter what you try, ask yourself where you are mismanaging your power – where do you have too much lead and not enough gold. Figure out what ritual, prayer, ceremony to do to melt down the lead in order to move on. Your body will let you know.

If you know the alchemical rules of life, like, for example, that every thought creates form, then this knowledge demands that you live by it and that you follow the rules. You might consider taking a vow of silence about the nature of your own spiritual practice – a self-chosen vow of silence not to talk about your inner mysteries. There’s something about managing our own inner sacredness that comes from recognizing that if you speak about it, you will loose the energy for the journey. You’ll make the journey audible but not doable.

A word about working with your Chakras...

A good exercise is to go through each chakra and ask yourself while focusing on each one individually whether you have any unfinished business. If you do, ask your what is it, and then process it to finish it.

Each chakra represents something different. For example, the root chakra is your tribal chakra. To understand the concept of the tribe, consider the following scenario and see if this has ever happened to you.

You get a new job. A new job is a new tribal dynamic. As you consider whether or not to take the new job, you will run it through all of the tribal beliefs that control you. You will consider how that tribe is dressed, and see what that other tribe over there eats and how they interact with one another. Then you can decide whether you think you fit in with them. You are letting them turn you from lead into their gold – you are going through an alchemical process. At the beginning, you are an outsider and the tribe has to put you through rituals of initiation. When you say, “I had to quit that job. I just didn’t feel like I belonged there”, This is when you have not been accepted by the tribe. What you’re really saying is, “They never allowed me into a ritual that welcomed me into their psyche, so I couldn’t stay there. And if I wasn’t welcomed into their psyche, then I couldn’t benefit from what that psyche created, therefore I would never receive any raises or never go up the ladder because I wasn't part of that psyche.” The new tribe watches to see if you adapt to their social functions, then they do a physical assessment of what your partner is like, the whole etiquette stuff, do you try to look like them. So, you go through this process, and if you pass initiation at this level, they’ll let you on the inside.

Sound familiar? You see, sometimes, it's not our fault that things don't work out. Sometimes, it's a tribal issue that you alone can't fight. Ask what unfinished business you have that deals with tribes. Go through each relationship and understand that it was part of the tribal complex. Understanding is enough.


This is the part of your body that houses information related to tribal and group data. This chakra records your ritual history. Baptism is a ritual that welcomes a new person into a tribe. The baptism grounds this person and protects them from becoming a wanderer in life. Without this grounding initiation, it is much more difficult to ground ideas and relationships. Everything will always feel like it’s up in the air. This is like a person who can’t seem to stick to a job or a relationship, etc. They have more timelessness in them vs. too little linear time – day to day processes. This first chakra allows everyone to share distance, time and space. As soon as you get to the second chakra, you’re on your own and relativity starts.

In the root chakra is where all of your energetic patterns are attached to all tribal processes that control your spirit in terms of how you use your energy in your life. For example, are you influenced by tribal superstitions? At the physical level, it’s a superstition, but at an alchemical level, all superstitions are rooted in an alchemical truth, it’s just that they incarnated through a shadow.

Superstition is something that is meant to scare you, that takes your power and that has the ability to control your psyche even though you think that you’re smarter than that. It has the ability to control you, to scare you, to determine a choice and to take away an element of your free will. Superstitions were taught to you as a way of locking your mind and your psyche into the behaviour and the management and the maintenance of that belief for the rest of your life. For example, 'enjoying your life too much will mean that God will take away what’s good about your life'. That’s a belief that comes out of the tribal fear to protect itself. The nature of the tribe is to hold people together, so we’re taught from day one fears that will keep us together. Superstitions take away your free will and make choices for you – in other words, they put you under a spell. Spells stop your throat chakra from functioning. In identifying your superstitions, you affect your root chakra.

Inspiration is a unit that goes into the psyche that requires you to begin to direct your energy into it so that you can create it into matter. For example, if you begin to talk about your inspiration, it will not manifest because you mis-distributed the energy. So if you want to write a book, talking about it will take away the energy you require to actually write the book and disperses with your words. You can choose to learn this through alchemical principals or through painful experience and have the lesson keep coming back to you until you get it.

When you are not willing to go through melt-down and transform your lead into gold, then your inspirations and the divine guidance meant for you will only hold weak vibrations creating tiny stimulous because you simply will not allow the transformative chemical process to happen. When this happens, you are simultaneously praying for inspiration and for spiritual evolution. This kind of spiritual interior sets up for the experience of spiritual madness (schizophrenia) – where you pray for a certain amount of gold but you won’t let go of the lead and it implodes inside of you.


This is the chakra of creation and for all women, nine months is the cycle of birth. Consider the idea of manifesting money. Here in this chakra, a person can manifest in one day what it takes another person a month to create. This shows the relative aspect of this chakra and the process of rituals. Pay attention of your rituals. This chakra is the centre of creativity, and therefore it is also your centre of abortion. Abortion refers to energetic abortions, psychic abortions, emotional abortions that are being born into your life. There are energetic miscarriages and energetic abortions and there are self-induced abortions.


When you are working with your second chakra and you are about to abort a project or the next stage in your life, or aborting anything that scares you, you need to look below you for a reason, and not above. You’ll always find the reasons in the chakra below where you’re standing, and not above it. What’s below you is the physical ground so what you’re asking is, 'will this idea maintain my physical ground?' 'Will it make me money, bring me security, etc.?'

When working with this chakra, ask yourself, "What choices can I make to loose the lead and make the gold?"

Solar Plexus

This is your centre of self-esteem, attack and defense. It’s that part of you that is caught up with what creates your self-esteem. A way that people loose their self-esteem is by getting into a shadow orbit where they need someone else's approval and without the approval, they can’t get progress in life without that someone else's permission. People in this situation feel like they are not living life fully.

If you feel that you are in this situation, picture this person whose permission you require doing the most horrible thing they could possible do to you. Now picture that the act has been completed. How do you feel physically? What happened to your body? What sensations did you experience while going through the vision? Focus in on your third chakra for the answer. Do you perhaps feel like you've just been hit you right in your gut. If so, then you've just located lead that you're carrying around with you.

The solar plexus is also the place where you reject others. Are you conscious of not giving approval to someone who wants it very badly? When you have that kind of interaction and you know the person is longing for your approval, at the physical level you may have your reasons for not giving that person what he/she wants from you. But from a symbolic level, you are under instruction not to give them approval. The reason is because our task is to manage our own psyche. If someone continually needs your approval, or you theirs, you’re giving them your psyche to manage and that’s not allowed. So from an energetic point of view, that act of needing approval or vise versa falls under the vampire archetype, or it could fall under the parent/child, the servant/master. Whatever the archetypal relationship it is, if you need your power from another person, what goes on behind the scenes will be a carefully crafted, scripted dynamic that will inevitably filter its way into your physical life and that person will reject you.


This is your centre of ego. In rejection relationships as above, when someone rejects you, you can take the experience into the physical and say, “My heart was broken.” Through this, you can create a horrendous experience and freeze that experience into lead. As the years go by, part of you remains in lead on the day that it happened.

Your other option is to look at things through the archetypes. Recognize you are falling into the archetype role (or whatever archetype you’re playing).

Wizard of Oz

Let's talk about the Wizard of Oz for a moment. Let's take a look at the story from the perspective of the archetypes mentioned above. This description shows you have to track your own life physically, spiritually, and archetypally so that you can see your journey.

Dorothy: What happens in the first 10 minutes of the Wizard of Oz is that Dorothy meets all the characters who will later become significant to her on her journey to Oz. They will eventually meet her on the mythic archetypal level. There isn’t one person in your life that doesn’t represent a mythic countertype.
From the physical world, Toto is a little dog. She feels safe with him. Symbolically, the word ‘toto’ in Latin means everything. In her whole journey, the dog was her protector.
The storm soon approaches and she comes back into the house (first chakra). The house represents the self and the body and where you live. A storm and the tornado from a symbolic point of view indicates the coming of chaos and transformation.
Then Dorothy is banging on the door begging to be let in. The cellar is down in the ground. (I want to return to the Earth. I’m not ready to grow and mature to become an individual. She has to lead the tribe. Her orphan power needs to be matured now.)

As a side note, it is interesting in all mythology, legend and fairytale that the character that becomes the most empowered and who contribute so much begin their life as orphans. (Now the most powerful orphan on the market is Harry Potter.)

Dorothy takes off and she’s afraid so she runs back into the house – to her old protective field, only to realise that it’s too late. You see, once transformation calls, you have to go with it - you can't turn back. The tornado captures her and lifts her off the Earth – it gives her an out of body experience – because the Earth represents your physical body. The tornado then drops her into the next territory (her next stage of development) which is Oz and her house falls on the witch. You can’t be involved with the transformation of your life without being involved in a tornado.

Now refer to rituals again. The first thing we see is shoes. She has to get her feet on the ground. The bad witch’s sister comes and starts yelling at her, telling her to give her the dog, etc. The good witch come and then what we have is Dorothy’s shadow and her light confronting each other. The good witch gives the protection and grounds her by giving her the special shoes. The bad witch threatens her. Then all the munchkins tell her that she has to go to Oz because that is where she will get her power.

The house crashing on something represents the experience of something frightening that will scare you. You have to contend with some fear every time you enter into a transformational process. You will be asked to release an inner witch and the way to do this is to confront and combat with an inner fear.

Dorothy takes Toto and they begin their walk. Now we are in the third chakra. She begins her journey into self-esteem and self-empowerment. As soon as she steps onto the yellow brick road, she is officially letting go of her life as a tribal being and entering onto her personal journey of empowerment. She has to empower every one of these chakras. So, who’s the first character she runs into? The scarecrow (will). The second is the thin man (heart). The third is the lion (courage). Each character shows up incredibly weak until she has a strength-sharing ritual bonding (an empowerment ritual) with each part of herself. She meets her heart, she has to mature it. She feels abandoned by her family because they wouldn’t let her in to keep her safe when she needed them most when her chaos hit. The lion – she couldn’t speak for herself when the neighbour was about to take Toto, when the witch was yelling at her. She couldn’t defend what she loved the most. She wasn’t strong enough to really take charge and she now had to learn how to become an adult and to develop courage to make this transformation and to fill in the gaps of her psyche so that she could become a whole being.

They’re on their way to Oz and as they go, they hit the poppy field. They fall asleep. Poppies are a drug for altered states. The same journey takes place at the last supper with Jesus going to Jessamine (olive gardens on a mountain). Jesus says to his apostles (physical world) after dinner to come pray with him. They go, they are in the garden, he enters into his inner self but what he finds out is that as he keeps looking into his physical world, his companions sleep because they can’t keep up the altitude because they can’t go that high. They don’t understand what he’s talking about. This is because as you move into your inner journey, you’re going to want a lot of people to validate that for you. You’re going to want a lot of people to understand what you’re feeling and understand the challenges that go on behind your mind’s eye. You’re going to want people to understand why you don’t love what you used to and now you love something new, or how come the way you want to schedule your world is not the way you used it, or that you’re having spiritual experiences that they’re not. Often when you run back to your tribe to tell them what special spiritual event you experienced, they won’t understand because what is now happening in your world is not happening in theirs. They are not where you are, and you cannot dislike them or judge them or hate them for it. This is a profound lesson to learn.

So, the characters go into the poppy field, they are in an altered state just as when Jesus enters the garden and he is in an altered state and has the reealisation that others can’t go into that state with him. When Jesus comes out of his altered state, he wakes up his group and he asks them why they couldn't stay up long enough to help him out, but they couldn’t do it. It wasn’t a physical thing but rather it was a spiritual, metaphysical reason.

So then the characters from the movie finally make it to the wizard’s palace. The guards say that they cannot get in, but she does. There was a big circle with puffy smoke, the wizard asks her what she wants, and she says that she wants to go home. He asks her to bring him the broom of the wicked witch and all the characters with her stand behind her is fear. Here what’s being asked of Dorothy is to going through a physical challenge (symbology). When you are going through a situation of transformation of empowerment, you will be given a physical obstacle to deal with. It cannot be otherwise. There is a fare to pay to move forward on your journey. Consciousness is expensive. Synchronicity costs a lot in terms of energy.

So, she has to do this major task and the four of them set out and she gets captured. What would ‘captured’ mean at the symbolic level in transformation? Remember that half of her reality comes from her physical world, and half from the spiritual world. The captured part feels like depression, confusion, the inability to get out.

(As a guide to you when you evaluate what fairytale you relate to, write down in detail the physical circumstances that occur at the moment of ‘capture’.) In the Wizard of Oz, she’s locked in a castle, and there’s an hourglass – there’s this sense that time is running out. When you feel like time is running out, do you simultaneously feel depression or pain? This is you symbolically in that castle like Dorothy with the wicked witch who represents that shadow side – fear – of her psyche. From a symbolic point of view, Dorothy needs to confront that witch. She cannot get out of her prison unless she faces her fears.

Dorothy was asked to take the broom from the witch and bring it to the wizard. The broom is the symbolic for the power of the shadow. The shadow flies on the broom. So what she was asked to do was to pull out of her psyche all of the power that the shadow had over her frozen self. That was her real mission.

When the witch talks to her, this is symbolic for the relationship you will have with the fear. You will face that fear head-on. It might incarnate into your life as a strong relationship, in an experience, but it will meet you singularly on some territory in life.

The next thing that happens is that Dorothy goes to the crystal ball. She sees Auntee Emm there. The crystal ball has become synonymous with power. From a purely physical world, the crystal is only a stone. It does not become an empowered talisman until it is energized. In order to convert these physical things into thiings of powert, they must be infused with the engery of your inner strength and psyche. In order to be able to do this, you will have to have undergone a process in yourself of meltdown (lead to gold) so that you have enough of your history in the present moment in order to change your frequency so that it is high enough to melt down the crystal and in the process infuse your intention while that meltdown is taking place so that it solidifies and can vibrate your intention.

Dorothy is going through this process in the movie when she is looking at this crystal ball and invoking things into it. She’s doing a ritual with the crystal. Now is the time to test her inner resources because as she invokes, this is a 7th chakra ritual, and her inner spiritual self is contacted. The test comes for her fourth, fifth and sixth chakras. The test is to see if they can manage her transformation. They do, they get her out, the witch finds all the characters together and she throws fire at the scarecrow. Dorothy, in an instant comes to the defense, she’s merging with the lion (her fifth chakra) and she grabs a bucket of water (the fire is her emotional shadow self) and she throws it on her shadow and destroys it. After that, all three of her friends are lined up, the courage is in place, the mind is in place, the power is in place.At this point, they go back to see the wizard.

When they’re standing in front of the wizard, Dorothy presents the broomstick to him and wants to be sent back home. What is she doing that’s not ok? She’s giving her power away. What happens is her little Toto, who’s protected her the whole time, runs over to the current and pulls the curtain back. The wizard tells her not to pay attention. This represents the moment in your archetypal journey where you meet fraudulent power – you meet people who claim they can increase your power or who take your power in exchange for you doing something, for being controlled (archetype of the servant).

So the wizard can’t fulfill his promise. Later, you see him in a helium balloon. He’s on his way up. She wants to catch a lift with him so she can ride on the tales of his consciousness. Do you know how many times you’re going to want to do that with someone (have them do the lift-off for you)? But instead, her everything (Toto) jumps out, she jumps out to get Toto to get ‘everything’ she needs – she’s always had it – turns around, and the wizard takes off. She’s totally depressed. She says that she’s done so much – something you have said a million times – that she’s tried everything, there’s nothing left, and still she doesn’t get what she wants and she’s not where she wants to be, and there’s just no point to this whole thing and this whole trip was a big farce.

Then what happens? Now comes the angel – the guide – and tells her that it has been a farce because she could have done this in the blink of an eye if only you knew how – here comes the alchemist – if you only knew how to get yourself lined up and to figure out what you had to do next and where you were disempowered and what you had to do to get empowered and acted on it rapidly – ie: just clicked your heals three times. You would have been home.

She returns home now after converting her lead to gold, gone to a golden height, and has a phenomenal incite of self-empowerment. She is not the same person and she never will be again. She returns to Kansas, totally capable of taking care of herself, has survived a phenomenal initiation, and she tells her aunt and her family that they won’t believe where she’s been….and they won’t! They didn’t go with her. They weren’t in her inner world. It wasn’t their initiation. She empowered herself so that she was as powerful in her spiritual self as she was in her physical self. Only then could she go home.


This chakra represents the truth that all is one.
"Where am I splintered on the earth?"
"Where are my pieces?"
"Where am I other than here?”
While asking these questions, focus in primarily on your physical world and take a look at your history, your fragments in terms of, “I am not happy physically where I am, my spirit has gone on to live in a different place, I am not in present time.”
Look at all the reasons you are not harmonious with all as One.

This chakra has to do with creation, one-on-one partnerships, and the most effective perception or prayer that you can have and examine as you enter into your second chakra is one of communion with union and that you begin to see everything in your life as being in your life with union reasons – to bring union into yourself, to bring harmony and that every single person is in your life as a messenger, as someone who contributes to your union. You look at life in that way through your second chakra. Examining it then, you say to yourself:
“With whom do I have a tense union?"
"Whose union has caused me pain?"
"Whose union do I feel jealous of, controlling of?”
Examine your unions and what balance exists. Examine unions that are nurturing to you. Why is a particluar union so nurturing for you? Why do you love this union so much? Examine the unions that feed you and the unions that you need to feed and don’t want to, the unions that you’ve been harmed by, the unions that you harm. Remember that every one of these is a vital part of your life, your development, your spirituality. So you are committed to seeing every one of them as a vital union.

Solar Plexus
This is the centre of your integrity and your honour. In this centre, you want to examine in yourself your own honour code. This is a centre of deep work and you want to put together an honour code for your spirit that you intend to keep. Ask yourself questions like:
“Do I keep my word?”
If someone asks you to keep a secret and not to tell anyone, do you keep the secret or do you tell just one person?
"Can I really keep a promise?"
The question here is one of integrity, and one of endurance, but mostly one of honour. A matter of honour leads you to automatically examine your relationship to your self-respect, self-love and self-esteem. The reason is because if you lack a clear sense of honour, then you will negotiate your integrity in order to have another person’s approval. You’ll sell yourself out. You won’t be able to maintain your boundaries or your integrity without self-esteem. You get self-esteem from having honour – they are intimately connected.

In this chakra, you pursue in yourself the content of your heart. Ask yourself:
“What are the conditions that have to be present for me to be willing to love someone, forgive someone?"

"What do I need to learn about love?”
When you deal with the heart chakra, evaluate what makes you such a generous and loving person. You need to know this about yourself, as well as when you’re not and why. You want to know both sides.

“Why do I make the choices that I do?”
You want to examine choice. What are the reasons why you want to make a choice, and why you don’t want to make a choice? Examine the fifth and second chakra – they go together. The second chakra shows you all of the reasons why you want to get even. Look at where you don’t want to forgive someone because you want control of them. Second chakra is control.

Third Eye
This chakra is about your apologies.
"Where are your apologies?"
"To whom do you need to speak to reclaim your power?"
This is where you write about what you know, “I know better than to … have this attitude, feel this way.” The other side is, “This is a truth I know I need to live by and to begin to take into my life.”

Here you find a prayer or some form of mantra that means an extraordinary amount to you, totally settles your soul. Make sure it’s 6 words or less and reminds you constantly to get your attention to present time, always to get your attention in the present.

8th Chakra
(Sacred Contracts)
When you are here in your first world and you recognize that you’re loosing your balance, picture yourself running to your archetypal level and saying, “Tell me the story that matches this. Give me a myth, give me an image, give me some story so that I can get a higher perspective that I am under a contract and I’m living an archetypal journey, and everything in this world is serving that journey.