Radiant Energy


The day is everyday and any day is today. One day is all that exists. Each day we live the same day and see differently. The same morning, the same air, the same time ticking away into the same worries and doubts. Time is man made and man is made of time. Today you may think that the sun was warm and tomorrow the sky too wet, yet it is the same day each day, seen through eyes of a different observer.

When we see, we think of the meanings. When we think, we create stories. When we doubt, we question our imagination and once our heart is scared enough that it closes, the colours fade and the lights dim and the day becomes night. Do you feel like you're in the dark?

Sitting in a room with no lights, it's easy to see black. Slowly your eyes open wider from the inside and you begin to see that the dark is as colourful as the day. Each day is light and each day is dark. Each day we see varying levels of colours and shadows that make up new experiences and bring us into new levels of the rainbow.

Each day is the same. We live the same day each day through different eyes, eyes that open wider from the inside. Do you believe in rainbows when you look into the sky after a spring storm and can almost reach out and touch the arch of colour smeared across the clouds? Can you feel the moment in the middle of the day when you experienced yesterday and the day before and you walk by it today and feel it coming again tomorrow? Each day is the same day, and all that changes is our choice of how we want to see it.

What do you do when you feel that yesterday was today and tomorrow was now? How can you walk by the opportunity that came to you so suddenly tomorrow and not wait impatiently for it to be revealed? Feeling is not knowing and believing is wishing. Feeling is being in the moment when tomorrow is today and yesterday was now. How can you be afraid of not knowing when you already have the answer? The simplest is the answer you won't see because you want it to be in tomorrow.


By Victorinus

Our communication this time will be on the important subject of...NOW. What do we mean by this? What importance can the subject of NOW have in our daily lives?

Friends...think! You may day-dream, philosophize and build mental castles of and for the future, and that too is necessary. But, when you stop to think and reason that all that we have or ever will have is always NOW and NOW is eternity, the subject becomes tremendously important. For Eternity is Now in Extension.

The purpose of writing at all on the subject of Now is to call attention to an important fact (not theory), namely, that all that you hope to be, you can be Now, for Now is a state of consciousness, not a division of so-called, but non-existent time.

The individual who is going to be or who is going to do something tomorrow, rarely arrives. While the individual who is being or doing or driving toward something Now has Won, and won is simply now spelled backwards; a symbol of reversing our attitude of living in futures that never arrive, for the better plan of living actively in the Now that is always with us. That is what it means to WIN or enables one to say, I HAVE WON. It is still better to bring the tense up to the moment by saying simply I WIN. That becomes a constant and progressive attitude.

The reason for the much hackneyed phrase "DO IT NOW" is, that NOW being a state of consciousness of activity, unless we live in it, i.e., live in a state of activity, we can accomplish nothing.

The difference between NOW and tomorrow is that we have NOW while tomorrow may never come for some of us. We will explain. We have all heard this said in many different ways before the importance of the eternal Now, the reason being that there is nothing more important than Now. Now is what we are living; after it is lived it becomes the past; before it is lived it has been the future; but, Now is Reality Made Manifest.

If the Past is Now Lived and the Future is Now to be Lived, then Past, Present and Future are all One and it is our consciousness of them that makes the difference.

On our side of life we have no time such as is used by those on the earth plane and for that reason the Past, Present and Future are all One to us and they comprise a state of consciousness that we call NOW. That is why making predictions for the so-called future is so difficult, because WE HAVE NO FUTURE. With eternity before us, we have no future in our consciousness.

This is a most difficult state of understanding to explain, because in order to understand it thoroughly, in all its importance, you must be able to forget or relinquish your three dimensional concepts and extend your minds to the fifth and sixth dimensions.

IT IS IN THESE DIMENSIONS that thought-forms take root and grow.

The value in taking up this subject depends only upon the extent to which you use it in your daily life. Nothing that we may give, is of value to you unless it is lived. We cannot emphasize this too strongly.

Living is the most important thing you can do, whether it be on your side of life or on ours. Living is vastly more than existing. Existence is negative; living is positive and progressive. Living means incorporating the essence of experience into every fiber of your being. Now is the opportunity for such experience, regardless of where you are placed in life.

Are you displeased with yourself for any reason? The answer rests entirely within you. You will remain in that condition, state or situation until you make Now different. Now is the real opportunity you have been seeking. NOW faces you every moment of your life. In other words, every moment of life is an opportunity. It is eternal opportunity. Opportunity is constantly knocking at the door of our consciousness. It is an individual problem how we respond.

God so loved His Earthly Children that He gave them the greatest of all opportunities...Now. Each Now is what we make it. If we do not like our so-called Past, we made it so. If we do not like the prospect of the so-called Future, we are making it so...Now.

If, in our innermost being we realized that NOW is God's gift to us, how carefully we would live that Now and how enriched and glorious life would be...every moment of it.

The man or woman who regards life as a thing of the Past and who constantly makes remarks like these, "If I were young I'd do thus and so", is evading the opportunities of Now, for every Now has opportunity regardless of one's so called "ego".

Those who use age as an excuse for not doing what they would like are doing just that...excusing themselves. There is opportunity for every age, only our expression of opportunity varies. While young, our opportunity is mainly expressed through the physical plane. When in so-called "middle age", our opportunity manifests more on the mental plane and less on the physical. As we grow older; opportunity expresses or manifests more in the spiritual planes together with the mental, and still less on the physical.

That is why, so frequently, man's most valuable and beautiful work is accomplished at the so-called "end of life", because he is expressing the spiritual within. Musicians, poets, writers and philosophers as well as scientists have been known and are known as doing their most important work in their mature years and so-called "old age". The Oriental’s venerate their sages and understand this law.

If your "conditions" are preventing you from accomplishing what you feel you have "come to do"...CHANGE THEM. The only person who can change your conditions, be they what they may, is yourself. That is your Karma, to change the condition and that change can and should be made...NOW.

Karma is not something we must tolerate and bear as prisoners, but something we must do, and do NOW. It will be there to be done until it is done. Avoiding the issue merely prolongs the accomplishment and delays the fulfillment of our life's purpose, our hopes and our wishes.

There is a reason for this. We mentioned before that the thought forms take root and grow in the fifth and sixth dimensions. We cannot reach or function in these dimensions if we have evaded and delayed doing what we ought to do. This evasion produces what psychoanalysts describe as a "phobia". While we, on our side, term it "Avoiding Now", or avoiding the assimilation of the essence of experience. This avoidance is caused either through indifference or fear and he who is indifferent or fearful cannot expand his consciousness to include the fifth and sixth dimensions of consciousness. Fear is of the third dimensional consciousness, as is indifference. Those having fear lack spiritual perception. Those having indifference lack depth of consciousness and understanding.

What do we mean by indifference? Being untouched mentally, emotionally and spiritually by human suffering and making no effort to cultivate or express and feel an active desire to alleviate suffering. Any being, who can see another suffer; be it physically, mentally or spiritually, and feels no desire or makes no effort to help alleviate that suffering is indifferent.

The aura of such a being is so crystallized that the Ego cannot fully express itself an therefore expansion of consciousness is impossible until the Astral Body has become vital and alive. Just as a paralyzed physical body cannot move or function, so a paralyzed Astral Body cannot function or move.

We have digressed, on this subject because Now and our vehicles are closely associated. How we live and move and have our being in the NOW is dependent on the healthiness of our bodies.

If you wish to progress on any plane of existence, avoid procrastination on every plane. Procrastination is man's greatest retarder. We are well aware that everything you plan and wish to do cannot be crowded into one moment of time...so called...but NOW is not one moment of time...Now is ALL time.

If you plan or wish to accomplish something and go about it in orderly fashion and take action first in planning, then in carrying out, it will get done or come about. It is the state of mind whilst planning or going about a thing that is important. If, in your mind, the conditions or situation you wish to bring about is a Reality that simply has to be worked out and you proceed intelligently to work it out it will begin to Manifest as soon as the appointed time for its manifestation has arrived. That time is dependent upon your ability to live Now vitally and without evasion.

Evasion in living means usually one thing...the avoidance of responsibility and responsibilities avoided have to be met. These responsibilities do not have to be met as punishment, but as experience. We cannot assume heavier responsibilities until we have fulfilled the simpler ones.

We cannot be important in human society until we know how to use the faculties we have been gifted with. Man takes life for granted. He rarely regards it as a trust and gift and, above all, an opportunity. Those who regard life as an opportunity, are rarely disappointed, because to them, life is an opportunity. Their state of mind attracts opportunities to them through the law of polarity. The person who regards life as a vale of tears usually gets nothing but tears out of life. That is because that is all he is putting into life.

Friends, Now is what we make it; for Now is the opportunity or bit of Reality that God has loaned us, to see what we can do with it. It is the greatest treasure we possess for it is this bit of Reality - Now, that is helping to build and to express the Divine Spark within each one of us.

What is each of us doing with the NOW that has been loaned to us?

That is a question we should each ask ourselves, and to which we should give careful thought, Now, for it will be one of the first "accountings" we will make when we "make the change".

Remember always, that life is an opportunity...not merely something through which we have to pass, to berate or make the best of. You chose the opportunity to return to earth as a sacred and important trust, not something to be wasted and passed by or over carelessly. Rebirth is mandatory until an Ego has passed a given status, but even so, one does not rush into incarnation at will. One's turn is sought for and pleaded for. If one wastes what has been granted him or her, how shall such a person account for the wastage?

"Yes", you say, "that is all very true, but how are we, each individually, to know what we have come to do?" This is not a question that can be answered very easily, because it is in every instance, a personal one, intensely so. Each individual case is an individual problem. Every Ego DOES know. It is only the outer human consciousness that does not comprehend it. The most successful men and women in this world have not spent their time worrying and wondering about what they came here to do. Being here, they have sensibly done the right thing, namely, whatever seemed to be best in their allotment of life, environment and individual aptitude. They did just that when it was to be done, where it was to be done, and they put their best into it. The one who does something or tries to do something merely because somebody else has told him that it is the thing he is here to do, seldom does it even after he has been rightly or wrongly told, because the impetus to do what we do must come from within ourselves, and not from another. Then it is merely another intellectual creation. Here are a few salient points to observe:

1. By following this procedure, you will keep the channel open without immediate karmic cluttering.

2. Decide what you would like to Do or Be. No one can decide this for you, but yourself. This is very important. This decision is the response from the innermost part of your being--You, or your Ego.

Anyone deciding this for you is interfering with your destiny. Others can help and be instrumental in inspiring you, but the final decision must come from within yourself. For only when decided upon by you, does it become a part of you and do you gain the essence of the experience.

Persons who live constantly under the influence of another so that they are unable to make decisions of and on their own, soon become useless to themselves and to others and such an incarnation is practically lost or wasted. Learn to make decisions, and once made, if you are certain they are right, Act on them.

The progressive nations are nations of action. Decisions are made and carried out. The United States of America is one of the most progressive countries on this planet, because it is a nation of action. Ever pushing forward, not lamenting over the past or dwelling on ancient history or custom, but eagerly looking forward to NOW and the future that is Now. That vital status of activity and eager curiosity is what is making us grow daily.

Believe in the God within and listen to His voice. We call it "the inner voice", because it came from the innermost part of our being...the Divine Spark. "Listen" to what it has to say. You will not go astray. This listening is not as simple as it sounds, for frequently the "voice" of desire or the Astral Body interferes and we are led astray by the Astral, not the Inner, voice. The inner voice is unmistakable in one respect...it is essentially concerned with what is right and not with Self. When Self predominates, the Astral is dictating.

Pray for spiritual guidance. It will never be denied. Notice, you are not seeking decisions to be made by others - even those on our side of life - but, guidance and that is something far different.

For example: you may take a person by the hand to cross a street or road, but you are not walking for him. He is doing the walking. You are merely guiding him across the road, usually because he has asked you to do so, or you feel his need. Note that all vital activities of life have to be performed by each of us individually. Have we made this point clear?

One more thought on Now, which deserves a lesson by itself, and that is the experience of a miracle. A miracle is Now made manifest. A miracle, as ordinarily understood, is instantaneous change taking place during the blink of an eye...a change which is either considered impossible or requires so-called "time". A miracle is a natural result. It is an experience from which the element of time has been completely removed.

In order for a so-called Miracle to take place it is necessary for the recipient to be oblivious, at least for the moment, of his three-dimensional consciousness. This can be attained either through great emotional religious fervor or experience which temporarily transports our consciousness to the higher dimensions, or through the power of prayer and/or music. It all has the same effect, that of separating us from the limitations of three-dimensional consciousness.

By removing our consciousness to another dimension we are raising the vibrations of our entire being, including the physical, and if raised sufficiently, instantaneous healing takes place. For that is all that healing is, the raising of one's vibrational metabolism. Ordinarily, it requires so-called "time", but it can be done all at once.

Friends, we live in our consciousness. You have been told this time and again. Many accept it as a beautiful thought, yet do not fully appreciate or value its import. We do not realize how deeply wedged we are in our consciousness and how important it is to expand and stretch it, thus avoiding crystallization.

How, you ask, can we expand our consciousness? We have defined consciousness in one way, as our awareness. Become vitally aware of all that surrounds you. Do not permit or cultivate the art of indifference. Become interested in all that surrounds you and try to understand more and judge less. Real consciousness brings understanding and understanding brings knowledge and knowledge brings power. Eager understanding is as important as eager curiosity.

"Indifference is death of the soul!"

What has all this to do with Now? Everything! Now is the culmination of our present consciousness. In Now we enshrine what we have been and are. We have with us the essence of all our past experience Now. It matters not who we have been. All that matters is what we are Now. It matters not what we shall be. All that matters is what we are Now. Try as we may, we cannot escape NOW whether it be here or on your side of life.

Now is our response to God. We can call Now yesterday, today or tomorrow; the name means nothing...the reality is everything. And Now, is Reality Made Manifest.

We have purposely repeated this thought in every way we can, in order to impress its importance upon all. We mentioned before that a miracle is a natural result, for that is precisely why Now has been given to us...to make of it what we wish.

Now is the expression of our free-will. Think that over. Friends, the idea of limitation must be replaced by the idea of limitlessness. In other words, everything is possible of attainment and it only becomes possible when we make a start Now.

To support this statement all we need to do is to focus our attention on what man, through science, is doing today. If man, in his physical laboratories can do those things which a few years ago would have been deemed impossible, how much more can man accomplish in the spiritual realm of his being. Nothing is impossible, only man makes it seem so.

Make NOW and each successive NOW the glorious experience it should be. Let this being whom you call "I" express the beauty, the fineness and greatness that is there. Go about living in the consciousness that you are living, not merely existing. This means an active, intelligent participation in everything that you do and not an indifferent acceptance of the opportunity of life itself.

Life is a trust, and an accounting is expected. "As above, so below". Man expects accountings from those in whom he places trust...likewise the Creative Hierarchy expects the same. In fact, man feels naturally compelled and impelled to make this accounting of his own accord.

Every religious system acknowledges this natural law. Only in their human concepts they translate it as punishment and reward. Friends, BUILD NOW into what you wish it to be. Nothing can take form without a seed or beginning. No matter what the past has had in store, change NOW into what you want it to be. Banish the thought of impossibility from your consciousness and seek the way. It shall be revealed.

Just as man, in his physical world, can use ordinary things and convert them into something else of usefulness and power, so can man take his mental and spiritual chemicals and use them for the betterment of himself and of his fellowman.

Mental chemistry and spiritual chemistry are here. Have you the eager curiosity and eager understanding to expand you consciousness into these two worlds of higher dimension?

If you have...begin NOW.

Do you need to be shown the miracles of mental chemistry? Your lives are full of experiences dealing with this subject. How many times have you helped a friend in distress with your advice and sympathy? Physically, you have done nothing, possibly, not even moved your chair. But the world looks different to the person to whom you have talked. How was this done? Through mental chemistry. You have raised their mental vibration and changed their mental outlook.

They still have the problem to work out, but what a vast difference it makes in their attitude toward that problem. Instead of dread and apprehension they know what they want to do. You have not made up their mind for them; you merely helped to raise their mental vibration so they could face the issue and work through it, rather than turn their back on it.

Many of man's difficulties are caused by his fear to face an issue and see it through. Instead he makes every possible effort to avoid it.

It is needless for us to tell you the value of a thought. Your personal experience knows that. Had man, in his physical laboratory, permitted problems to keep him from going onward in his labors, all his discoveries would have remained unknown. The same law applies to all mental and spiritual pursuits. Only the courageous and steadfast in purpose will be rewarded with results.

The greatest physical discoveries have been obtained after years of persistent and constant search and the confidence that there must be a way, there must be an answer. That same dynamic energy must be employed in things of the mind and of the spirit.

Nature plays no favorites..."As above, so below". "As below, so above".

You and you alone can make Now what you will. Face each day eagerly determined to build into it all that you have. Life faced in this attitude is rich and full. NOW becomes all that you are, in expression.

Pour forth of your best in everything you do, it is never wasted. Sometimes it takes longer for certain results to appear, but our best effort always produces good. Never forget that. Our best efforts always produce good.

But be sure that it is our best, for obeying that - the best - in us, is obeying the Divine, and this Divine Self within each one of us is seeking expression and will not be permanently submerged nor inhibited.

May each one of us give the Divine Spark within us the opportunity of expression it is seeking...NOW!