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Delete this post Submitted by SunLight on 11/Mar/2007 in reply to Reiki posted by anton on 10/Mar/2007


Hello 2nd level Reiki practitioner

I understand your frustration. I would like to ask you a few questions.

Like …. When did you have your first level completed? How long was the period between your first and second level? And the most important - how much did you practice on your own between the 2 levels. Do not answer that.

It is not a test. That will give you an indication how to compare. Who needs to compare?

Only our insecurity, our ego. Do not worry. It is not important. You had a second attunement of Reiki – believe - it is working. I’m sure you had a qualified teacher.

It is very important to choose a good teacher, somebody who is doing it for the right reason and not for the money.

I had 3 teachers. All of them so wonderful. I took every level in approximately 1 year apart.

For different teachers my reasons were geographical. I moved to another country, another city. For the time difference, it was a conscience decision. Every attunement is like moving to a new wonderful world but it is not enough, we must participate if we want to take a full benefit of being in that world. So practice it as much as possible, it is very important. You are your own power, no teacher or certificate can give it to you.

There are no shortcuts. Nobody will judge you, do not judge yourself, even if you did not practice, it is still working. Every time you put your hand on your body with the INTENT to heal you are being healed physically, emotionally and mentally until all of your lower bodies will balance for your full benefit.

You do not have to make a full and special session for practicing every time you do it, you can do it all the time and every day. If you drive a car and you stop at the red light, use that time and do it. When you are on a bus you can put one of your hands on your Solar Plexus or your heart chakra and so on and so on….. When you read, when you cook, or clean… whatever you do, as long as it is safe for the other activities.

Now all the time you are connected to this magnificent energy that will never fail you, only you can abandon it by choice. You are a wonderful channel for that pure energy, and what you are expecting to feel will come too.

It will heal you any way you want. It will bring wonderful changes into your life.

First it will clear your aura and by doing that you will become somebody you always wanted to be and more. A more confident, secure, peaceful, calm, wise, successful, happy person than you ever were. Trust me, it is worth it even if you do not feel it right now.

I will tell you about my experience...

I wanted to do it for long time and I had no opportunity. I was reading on the subject of Reiki and on ENERGY in general, learning everything I could until “by coincidence” I met a teacher.

There are no coincidences, everything is happening for a reason, so is your experience on this list.

During that time I moved to another country, new job, no friends, no security, only fear, guilt, judgment, insecurities, and everything you can imagine to feel to be miserable.

And I did. Until I said – enough.

And then I’ve met my teacher.

And then nothing was as I imagined. I felt exactly like you, but I practiced all the time anyway because I did not have any other choice - I wanted my life to be better.

After the second level I started to feel a lot – after a while – I started to see colors with my eyes close, I still see them, more and more…

What does it mean? I see colors, I see pictures, different pictures. What does it mean?

Nothing! When you will see it for the first time <you will if you will practice> you will have a nice feeling, but it will change nothing in your life, but practicing will.

It took me a few months before I notice a huge change in my life. All this time, I was waiting for something to happen. It does not work like that. First you will see a new you, you will find new courage and new strength within you. You will notice that you like yourself more, you will find new joy in life, you will notice that people want to be with you much more then before, strangers, old friends will start talking to you more then ever before. Everyone will be happier around you including you. Physically you will feel better.

Things that are upsetting to you now will not upset you anymore. You will discover a new attitude to life that not only you will benefit but everyone around you will as well.

It is nothing and everything, because when you will “discover” who you really are, you will be able to move to a new territory, you will learn how to fulfill your Soul's desires.

Trust me it is so much fun. For me the most important was that FEAR disappeared from my life.

I can not promised you that you will not have anymore issues to deal with in your life, you will still deal with life difficulties but you will know how to deal with them with ease.

We all have to remember why are we here and that this life is a learning class and that we all have to deal with our lessons in this life, and that when we pass one lesson another is coming, but now you have a tool that will help you to go through them the KIND AND GENTLE WAY especially if you will ask for it.

Dear one, you gave yourself a wonderful gift, hold on to it, practice it and be an observer.

See what is and will be happening in your life from now on, because I can promise you that change will happen probably when you don’t even expect it. And trust the universe.

Ask for what you want, and be ready to received it, or even better.

If I'm not answering your question, please respond to my message and provide more information about the answers you are seeking.

Love and Light,

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