Radiant Energy

Mantra of Divine Guidance

Please guide all messages through my Higher Self

So that I receive the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Guide my words to benefit my Highest Good.

Guide approaching thoughts to benefit my Highest Good.

Guide my actions to benefit my Highest Good.

I ask this for the Highest Good of All.

So be it.

Guidance is there for the asking.

The catch: you have to ask for it.

The twist: know how to ask for it.

What does getting guidance mean? It's all about listening closely to your inner voice. It's about opening your heart and your mind to your truth. It's about silencing all the noise around you and muting all the conversations in your head, and trusting that the hints that come to you are coming from the true you, the part of you that is completely aware of all that is.

I use this mantra all the time. I use it while getting into the elevator at work each morning. I use it when I'm talking to someone who is in distress. I use it when I am searching for an answer that my emotions are making it difficult for me to find.

My intent is very clear when I say this mantra. I want to live a life in which I am fully aware of who I am. I want to create a reality that offers limitless possibilities for me to grow, learn and evolve. I want to remember what Universal Oneness feels like all the time. Whatever I do, I want to do it with pure love, no fear. I want to walk down the street and radiate light. When I radiate light, I am in the happiest state of being. When I am afraid and do not accept parts of myself, I shrivel up inside, and begin to dislike myself. Once I experienced both extremes, there was no question that I wanted to do everything possible to maintain a state of bliss regardless of what I was doing.

You cannot teach others until you teach yourself. My goal in life is not to teach others. My goal in life is to make choices that get me closer to knowing myself. As I attain this goal, I reflect it in others, and so the natural state of teaching evolves.

"Please guide all messages through my Higher Self, so that I receive the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" is a very powerful command. Your Higher Self is not a mysterious entity. Your Higher Self is the real you. It consists of no judgement, no doubt, no fear. Your Higher Self is your pool of pure knowledge. You came from your Higher Self, and in those moments when you trust your heart and follow the little voice of love inside, you consciously connect with your Higher Self. All the truths of life are stored in your divinity, and that divinity is your Higher Self.

The more you ask to be consciously connected with your true self, the more wisdom and love you will experience. You may find the perfect book that answers all the questions you've been asking yourself lately. You may bump into a person on the street who reaffirms what you've been wondering for days. You may hear a brief part of a song and suddenly realize that there is a message behind the singer's words, and that message is meant to guide you on your way.

All messages that come through your Higher Self are always pure love. All other messages we receive come from the Ego, and these are all fear-based. No love comes from the Ego, yet we so often take the Ego's advice, because it is presented in such a way that we are afraid not to take it.

Your Higher Self's voice is quiet and subtle. Your Ego's voice is loud and aggressive. Your Higher Self will suggest what you could do. Your Ego will insist on what you should do. Your Higher Self will only offer guidance that benefits your greatest well-being. Your Ego will threaten with the worst possible results if you don't follow its lead.

By accepting messages from your Higher Self, you begin to stifle the Ego. By acting out of fear, you feed the Ego and it grows stronger, becoming a more dominant influence on you. When you pay less attention to your Ego, your divine guidance gets easier to hear - almost as if your Ego gets quieter and your Higher Self becomes louder. In essence, what is happening is that you begin to feel the difference between guidance based in love, and guidance based in fear. The more you follow your higher guidance, the more you will not want to feel the pressures and stresses of the Ego. Life becomes simpler because life becomes more enjoyable. When life becomes more enjoyable, you surround yourself with more love and eliminate all the factors that contribute to a fear-based existence. When you live in a state of love, you discover the truth of who you really are.

The last part of the mantra is meant for you to specify how you want your request to be fulfilled. Being specific is a very important part of asking. Be careful what you ask for! Know how to ask for guidance. If you say, "Help me get more money!" you are actually saying that you are less then whole and capable of creating whatever you intend, and instead you are creating a reality in which you 'need help'. You are also saying that you don't have money and you do not see a reality for yourself in this moment full of wealth and riches. The first step to creating your reality is to SEE that reality already existing. Rather then asking in this way, maybe consider saying, "I have wealth and abundance in my life. I create prosperity and financial independence in my life for my Highest Good and I openly accept guidance through my Higher Self for my Highest Benefit."

The last part of the mantra is also to reaffirm how you choose to receive guidance. It is one thing to say that you are open to guidance, but being conscious of guidance that comes through thoughts, words and actions makes you alert to the different ways that messages come to you.

Guide approaching thoughts to benefit my Highest Good
This statement rings a universal truth.

Guide my words
Guide my actions
Guide approaching thoughts

You do not create thoughts. Thinking and having thoughts are entirely different things. Thoughts are living things. Thoughts are one of the most powerful energies in the universe. Many believe that humanity was started with a thought. Mystery schools have taught for ages, "for every thought that passes through the mind leaves a corresponding effect on the human body." This being so; it behooves us to do everything possible to be aware of what direction our minds are taken by thoughts.

The herd mentality that so many follow has created the impression that we create and own all thought. In fact, the opposite is true. This is why so many of us are confused. We do not have control over what thoughts come to us. This alone makes thoughts a dangerous and complex area because of what it could mean to us.

It has been advised that one should hold on to a negative thought, and it will eventually dissipate. This, my dear friends is not possible, nor should it be attempted. I caution you not to buy into this sort of thinking. If you believe otherwise, you will find that you will have a constant struggle overcoming negative thoughts.

Another caution is not to open other people's mail. Keep in mind that thoughts are nothing more than energy or vibrations. If you happen to be mentally vibrating at the same frequency as another person, you can very easily open their mail {thoughts}. These thoughts do not belong to you and yet you find yourself dealing with them!

Therefore it is very necessary that you do not hold on to any negative thoughts as it could be very possible that the thought you are holding onto do not belong to you.

When you stop to think about what I have just shared, you will discover that there is no action you can take that's not proceeded by a thought. You can't even have a glass of water without the thought setting it in motion. Your thinking is all together different than a thought. Do not confuse the two. They are worlds and worlds apart.

Divine Guidance can be a very underutilized tool. It is a gift in fact, that we gave ourselves. If it is true that we are limitless creatures living a limited existence capable of tapping into unlimited power to attain full awareness, what are we waiting for?