Radiant Energy

The Namechart

Creating a Namechart is a way of going even deeper into the analysis of a name, and in turn, of the personality. Similar to the Birthchart, the Namechart is built by transferring the values of each letter in your name into the corresponding cells of the chart. Penelope Potter's Namechart is shown below:

Namechart - Sample

Once the Namechart is created, it is compared to the Birthchart. As can be imagined, this is a much more thorough analysis of the personality then simply reading the Birthchart. Please be advised to keep two points in mind when conducting this comparison:

  1. Do any strengths on the Namechart balance corresponding weaknesses on the Birthchart?
  2. Are strengths highlighted on the Birthchart further enforced from the information revealed in the Namechart? Strengths can be helpful, but an overemphasis of any area can create an imbalanced personality - an imbalance that is perhaps meant to be evened out in this life...
We can also put Pythagoras to work here and use his arrows to reveal even more information.

Let's compare Penelope's Birth and Namecharts and see what we can find:

Birthchart - SampleNamechart - Sample

Analysis of the Arrows

Lots of stuff going on here! Let's look at the Arrows of Pythagoras first. The diagonal line (found on her Birthchart on the left) running from top left to bottom right highlighting the elements of disbelief in Penelope's character is actually counter-balanced by the complete line of numbers filling the same line in her Namechart. When this particular diagonal line is filled with all three numbers (3, 5 and 7), it represents the line of Spiritual Awareness. Let's compare the balancing effects of having both the lines of Spiritual Awareness and Disbelief in one's character profile:

Spiritual Awareness: understanding, consciousness of self, cognizance, perception of the mind, insight into the inner self, a practical philosophy of life.

Disbelief: scepticism, doubt, uncertainty, loss of faith, suspicion, distrust of anything metaphysical, a superficial understanding of human nature.

Source: Line, J. (1985) The Numerology Workbook, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., p. 75

For another take, here's how Barrat describes both of these lines:

Line of Compassion: Inner calm and an acceptance of the highs and lows in life mark these people. Towards others they are understanding and compassionate. There is often psychic ability present. A combination of joy and intuition describes them. Sorrows can occur, but they meet them with serene acceptance.

Line of the Sceptic: This Line has two meanings. The first: people who demand proof, suspicious of anything metaphysical and orthodox in their beliefs. The second meaning appears more often today: open-minded, welcoming new ideas and beliefs - the opposite of the first. A Line that appears to offer a choice. Migraines and nervous complaints are associated with it.

Whatever source you use for your interpretations, remember that the message here is that because the lines are mirror reflections of one another, they help to balance one another. If Penelope would have had a different name and the same birthday, this most probably wouldn't have happened. So, her message is that she has the tools to balance these aspects of her personality and with the power of her inner Self, she has all the ability to master these aspects of herself in this life.

Analysis of the Numbers

Now let's look at the numbers themselves, starting with 1 and working our way through to 9.

As mentioned in the analysis of Penelope's Birthchart, the presence of a single 1 in her chart spoke of her difficulties to show her feelings which, as a result, could make her appear cold and uncaring to those around her. Seeing as the number 1 represents personality and the way it is expressed and, since there is a lack of one's present in her Namechart, this indicates that although she may have difficulties expressing herself, she has tools to overcome this aspect of her character.

Two's made quite an appearance in Penelope's Birthchart. If you recall, four 2's in her Birthchart indicated that she is someone who is inclined to over-react in emotive or difficult situations, and that she can be a challenge to live with because of her impatience, sarcasm and displays of bad temper. The dominant influence of this number is toned down a bit as can be seen from the appearance of only two 2's in her Namechart. Two 2's points to a very perceptive person who is able to assess people quite accurately. One of her lessons in this life is to come to a mid-point between these two aspects of her personality to find that balance within her.

Although Penelope was missing a strong influence of her mental self (concerned with intelligence, imagination and memory) due to the lack of 3's in her Birthchart, we can see this number make an appearance in her Namchart indicating that she has the ability to cultivate a retentive memory and exhibit the characteristics of someone who is bright and mentally alert. Because 3's aren't very dominant in either of her charts though, she may find mental exercises more challenging than someone with more threes popping up.

The single 4 in her Birthchart pointed to her natural ability to work with her hands and highlighted that she is happiest when making or doing rather than thinking or theorizing (something confirmed in the story told by number 3!). However because no 4 appears in her Namechart, Penelope may also be slightly prone to being unfocused at times, and perhaps a little messy!

Any lack of the presence of the number 5 in Penelope's Birthchart is completely counter-balanced by the five 5's in her Namechart. She is the type of person who has a really hard time focusing her thoughts, creating goals and following through to the end to see the results of her efforts manifest before her. She tends to be the kind of person who acts before she thinks of the consequences of her deeds - and for this, she often pays a high price. Over-confident, tactless and sometimes hurtful - it would do her well to think more before she acts and consciously build up some more self-control!

Her Birthchart indicated that Penelope finds it difficult to make decisions and that she relies quite heavily on her five Earthly senses (smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing) to help her with her reasoning. Two 6's also points to someone who is a homemaker but who tends to carry her enthusiasm for creating a nurturing nest to the extremes. Having the tendencies to become fussy and over-anxious, she doesn't feel at ease when away from her home and often worries that something might happen to it. This aspect of her personality may be pointing to a need for her to trust in her intuition more and less in the physical world around her.

Lack of sevens in her Birthchart pointed to a person who often pays a high personal price to gain understanding in life. Her Namechart continues this story and tells us that she will often not gain understanding of life easily as many of her lessons will have to be learned the hard way. Sacrifices in love, money or health may be in her cards. Hearing something like this about yourself will often not come as a surprise considering you're living your life - who better to know what the journey feels like! Nonetheless, that doesn't mean this is an easy sort of thing to confirm about yourself. In such cases, take a step back and see how you could change the way you see your experiences - can you transform yourself from feeling like a victim and into an empowered seeker of your personal truth? Perhaps this is one of Penelope's lessons.

Still no 8's in Penelope's charts. This emphasizes even more the point about organization and control - she tends to have a quite a hard time controlling her emotions and would benefit from working on reflecting upon her choices before making them.

The single 9 in her Birthchart pointed to her ability to realize that she can't have everything in life all the time and that one of her goals is to learn how to accept what she has and enjoy life for what it is. The lack of any more 9's in her Namechart means that she tends not to set very high standards for herself and could sometimes even neglect to take care of herself and those around her. Perhaps she's being asked to not only see the value of her life, but to also work harder at preserving what she has.

So that's an overview of what all the individual elements of Penelope's charts say about her personality. Once you go through yours, remember to also see the whole interconnected picture that your charts are showing you. It's about merging your qualities, understanding your strengths (using the tools you have at your disposal) and being aware of your opportunities for improvement. In the end, this approach makes for a more conscious life of self-awareness. Greater understanding leads to a greater ability to love yourself, show yourself compassion, and allow this acceptance to also impact those around you.