Radiant Energy


One afternoon, Dr. Usui took a walk to the edge of the beggar kingdom. He saw a young beggar who looked familiar. He asked if the beggar knew him, and the beggar said, "Of course, Dr. Usui. Do you not remember me? I am one of the first beggars you healed."

Dr. Usui said, "I healed you and you are still a beggar?"

The beggar looked back at him and said, "Oh, Dr. Usui, yes, and I did just what you told me. I went out to the temple to receive a new name, went to society and began dealing with my karma, doing just what you told me to do. I even got a job and soon married, but it was too much responsibility. So, I decided that I would rather be a beggar. That way I wouldn’t even have to be responsible for myself."

Those who do not do the work to raise themselves to a new level of vibration will not know how to stay elevated.

Think of all the people who have won the lottery or who were given gifts and riches only to loose their spoils and return to lives of poverty and loss. Have you ever questioned why fortune can disappear as quickly as it appears?

Have you ever prayed for shortcuts or wished to be able to surpass the hard steps just to be able to - for one moment - feel the heights of wealth, success, respect and prosperity? Then perhaps the words below will bring some clarity...

The Attainment and Sustenance of Wealth
From the words of E.M.

Somewhere in consciousness there lies a land undiscovered, a land not yet revealed by religion, philosohy, or science. I know that it exists for it continually pushes itself into my awareness. I know that when it discloses itself, it will change the nature of mankind: wars will be no more, and the lamb will lie down with the lion. I know its name, for it is revealed as "MY" kingdom or "MY" grace (words emphaisized in capital refer to Divine Consciousness, impersonal to the author). Christ Jesus spoke of this Kingdom, but neither the spoken word nor the manuscripts so far discovered have revealed its full significance.

In my high moments I have lived and experienced this kingdom, and sometimes its atmosphere clings to me for days, but then again it eludes me. Sometimes in healings I have witnessed its action, but have caught only glimpses of it. It has shown me the human mind of mankind and its operation, and how men can use the mind for evil purposes as well as for good.

This spiritual kingdom, this inner world, is as real as the world we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell - if anything more real. What we become aware of through the senses eventually changes and disappears, but this inner world, these spiritual glories that are revealed to us, these spiritual lights with whom we learn to tabernacle - they never disappear.

This is the world the Master Christ Jesus revealed, a kingdom which exists right here where we are if we will but receive the Spirit of God within us. It is already established here on earth, only awaiting our recognition and realization.

Finding that Kingdom will in no way take us out of the world. It will leave us in it, but not of it. We will enjoy all the things that go to make up a full and rich life; we will not become ascetics, but we will no longer desire things or long for them, and even though the riches of life will be a part of our experience, inwardly we will be so free of them that our whole inner being will be lived in and of God.

The mystical world is a real world. It is a world of people and a world of things formed of the illumined or enlightened consciousness. But how do we become the illumined or the enlightened? How do we find this mystical world? What is mysticism?

Mysticism is "the experience of mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality reported by mystics". It is "a theory of mystical knowledge; the doctrine or belief that direct knowledge of God, of spiritual truth, of ultimate reality, or comparable matters is attainable through immediate intuition, insight, or illumination and in a way differing from ordinary sense perception" (from Merriam-Webster's unabridged dictionary).

The mystical message of all times is the same. The language and the mode of approach may be different, but the message and goal - the attainment of conscious union with God - never change.

No one can become a seeker of God honestly in his/her humanhood, but when God touches a person to some measure of awakening, he/she is led to some kind of a spiritual teaching. He/she may remain on that path to the end of his/her search, or he/she may go from teaching to teaching until ultimately he/she finds that which meets his/her unsatisfied need and brings him/her to God-realization. Although revealed in different languages, different terms, and different forms, the inner unfoldment leads unerringly to the one goal.

Nothing can equal the fascination and adventure of the mystical life. It is a life of discovery, discoveries which forever lie ahead of us, never behind. We may have had an experience yesterday that lifted us to the mountaintop, but we cannot live on yesterdays ’pearl’ or yesterday’s manna because the experience of yesterday, regardless of how great and soul-stirring it may have been, is only a preparation for the greater ones that lie ahead. Always there is the challenge of the intangibles awaiting our discovery here and now.

The kingdom of God is without limitation or boundary, and all the truth that has been given to the world in the past thousands of years is but a thimbleful in comparison with what there is yet to be discovered. No one has yet experienced even one-millionth of what has already been revealed.

Can anyone ever reveal the last word of spiritual truth? Can anyone ever penetrate the depths of God? Can anyone ever discover the allness of God? True, the mystics of all ages have given us glimpses of truth, and their words carry conviction because behind the words is the experience itself. But how much of what we have read of spiritual revelation have we actually experienced? How much of it still lies between the covers of a book? How much of it have we actually witnessed? How much truth has come as an inner unfoldment with the renewing strength and power of revelation?

Every aspirant on the spiritual path should be constantly alert for some original revelation of truth. If he is content, however, to dwell merely on words without drawing forth the deeper and richer meanings of which the words are but the symbol, he is not being fed from within, but from the pages of a book. Black ink does not taste good, nor is there any sustenance to be found on the printed page, and those persons who are living on the printed word are going to be just as hungry as those who suffer from malnutrition. The sustaining substance to be found in words, printed or voiced, lies in the truth that can be drawn into consciousness.

The truths that are revealed in spiritual literature are seeds planted in consciousness, and if those seeds are planted in an active and fertile consciousness, they spring up and bear fruit; but if they are taken into the sleeping consciousness - the unconscious or dead consciousness, the consciousness that is living on form, ritual or yesterday's thoughts - they cannot break open, sprout, and mature.

Every word of truth that we hear or read should be taken into our consciousness as if it were a seed, and there nourished and fed. It should be fertilized with meditation and by pondering and putting it into practice, until in a moment of stillness and silence the seed can break open, take root, and begin to bear fruit. What we read, then, cannot become stale. Always there is the expectancey that the very next paragraph may contain the ’pearl of great price’ for us. The next paragraph, or the one we read tomorrow, may be the ’pearl’ to our neighbor or to someone else. There is no such thing as only one ’pearl’.

The spiritual life is a necklace that would fit around this entire globe - so many perals are there in it. Every statement of truth is a pearl. Every experience, almost every meditation, is a pearl, if only we search for it deep enough within our own consciousness.

Each grain of truth should be used as a stepping stone or bridge to lead to a deeper awareness, letting more and more truth come to the fore as we travel further and higher. If we are not alert, however, and do not keep the ear and mind wide, wide open to see what lies ahead, it would be the same as trying to cross the ocean in a boat while asleep at the wheel.

Spiritual literature and spiritual principles are certainly stepping-stones or bridges over which you and I can travel, but they are steps or bridges leading where? Always to our own consciousness! That is the only place where a truly spiritual teaching can ever lead - to our own consciousness.

"God is no respecter of persons", and whatever is possible to none is possible to all, but only to those who seek. Seek and find; seek and find but seek within the realm of your own consciousness. Your consciousness and my consciousness are just as infinite as the consciousness of any spiritual seer, and whatever degree of unfoldment any illumined soul has had, we can have in an equally deep degree. We may not express that infinity in its fullness, but nevertheless that is the truth about us.

Regardless of how much truth reveals itself to us, however, or how many experiences we may have of a spiritual nature, as soon as these have served their purpose, we let them slide out of memory and look forward to the next because the next one will be greater. If we should write a hundred books on truth, or heal a hundred thousand people, let us never believe that we will have come to the end of our consciousness, because our consciousness has a depth far beyond that of the ocean and a circumference greater than that of this entire universe and of all the other universes yet unknown and undiscovered. There is no limit to the depth of our being and the richness of our consciousness, but we must dive deeply into ourselves to bring forth the revelation of the nature of God, and eventually the nature of our own being. Then we shall discover that God is in truth our very being and our very life.

To seek, to find, and to experience this inner glow, this inner realization of the Presence, this inner communication with God, and then realize that each time that it is repeated it becomes a deeper, richer experience, and a more fruitful one, so that there can never be an end, or a sense of dullness, monotony, or boredom in it - therein lies the real adventure of the spiritual life.

God is infinite; truth is infinite. It is for us to rise into that Infinity, explore new avenues of truth, open new areas of our consciousness because all this truth is our consciousness, our very own! At one level of consciousness we can bring forth literature, art, inventions, or discoveries. At a deeper level of consciousness we can bring forth spiritual experiences up to, and including, the final one, which is known as the marriage, or union with God. It all depends on what we are seeking.

And what is it that we are seeking? Is it merely a healing of some nature? Is it merely more comfort in the human world? Is it merely a little happier companionship or a little more money? It is right to enjoy health; it is right to have an abundance of supply; it is right to have satisfying human companionships. And all these things inevitably do follow, but if they alone are the goal of our search, we are debasing truth. The goal itself is discovering the essence of spiritual wisdom, exploring every corner of the spiritual kingdom, every depth of it, every height of it. Therein lies spiritual adventure.

Who knows what great truth will be revealed to us? Who knows what wonderful things lie ahead of us an hour from now? Who knows what startling revelations of truth may come to us? It is marvelous when they come; it is wonderful when they happen, but they cannot come if we permit some particualr message to become crystallized in us, or if we go to bed tonight thinking we know the truth or wake up tomorrow morning believing we have reached the ultimate in spiritual wisdom. Every day of the week must be a fresh day. With each day there should always be an inner longing, not to recall or remember something that was revealed the day before, but an acknowledgment of our emptiness and a reaching out: ’Father, Father! Come, come reveal YOUR message! Give me a vision today; let me know YOU aright; let me go deeper into YOUR consciousness.’

There are greater truths buried in our consciousness than any that have ever come forth. Just as truth came through a humble shoemaker like Jacob Boehme, so can world-shattering truth come through you or me, and if it does not, it may be because we did not want it as desperately as have the great mystics of the world, or because our interest has been more on the surface of life than in its dpeths.

Sometimes students who have been studying for only a year write me of their dissatisfaction, disappointment, and even discouragement over their lack of unfoldment and progress. Often my response is: "In just a year, just a year? There are another thousand million years ahead of you, and no one is ever going to accomplish the transition from that ’man, whose breath is in his nostrils,’ to the man who has his being in Christ merely by studying or meditating for a year." If the kingdom of God were that easily attained, everyone would attain it. But how few have done so!

Make no mistake, this is the most difficult of paths; this is the most difficult life there is. It is far easier for a person attain fabulous wealt or great fame than to succeed in attaining the spiritual life. It is far easier to accomplish anything in the humna world than in the spiritual because in the spiritual world you and I are called upon to let our human sense "die" before we can attain what we are seeking.

The spiritual life is not gained by giving up smoking or drinking or the eating of meat, or by studying for a few years, or by attending church or classes. If only it were that easy! The Kingdom is attained by "dying daily". Every day of the week, as a part of our involvement in the life of the Spirit, we must see to it that some trace of humanhood either leaves us or is sent about its business. Every problem must be viewed as an opportunity to rise above whatever the situation may be, and if that sounds too difficult, it is better not to begin. But if there is a drive in us that compels us to go forward, then we must be patient and persist until we do attain.

Attainment and sustenance of enlightenment is possible to everyone who sets out on this spiritual adventure, and it is possible without price - except the one great price. There IS a price: "Sell all that thou hast." That is the price, and it is paid in the coin of our devotion. It is the price the Master demanded of his followers when he told them: "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me....Sell all that thou hast.....Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." From this we can understand how difficult spiritual attainment is and why our progress is slow, and we will not complain. We will be satisfied, realizing that if the followers of Jesus in his day had to walk those steps, so do we.

But although we may plumb the depths to the limit of our capacity and fail to reach the goal, the search is still worthwhile, even if we have to go on for years and years and years believing that we are not making any progress. The truth is that with every effort, with every expedition, with every search, with every meditation, we are moving slowly toward the goal of all life-union with God.

Problems and circumstances affect the lives of different people in different ways. They can make or break a person, or they can leave him where they found him. There is nothing tragic or disgraceful about being broken or about being a failure, nothing at all. A person who fails has tried, usually very hard, and there is a satisfaction in that, and there is a hope in it because if a person continues to try, he can never be kept down, and even though he may be broken, he will rise up again. The tragedy, if there is one, or the disgrace, lies in being willing to go on day after day, waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, and being nowhere tomorrow that he was not yesterday.

Think of the unlimited opportunities there are in every large metropolitan area for gaining a knowledge and appreciation of the great art, literature, music, religion, and natural sciences of the world, and then think of the thousands of aimless people walking the streets of those cities without even being aware of these opportunities, and more often than not, not even caring. There is tragedy!

Is it not the same, only more so, with any truly spiritual teaching or message? Are there not countless people in the world who are exposed time and time again in some manner or by some means to truth, and yet who pass "by on the other side"? That is sad because finding a spiritual message could and should be the beginning of a life of adventure. True, it does not always happen that way. It could even leave us where it found us. It cannot break us - that it could never do - but it can make us, and it should open life to spiritual joy and excitement, to seeking and finding. It should spur us to spiritual joy and excitement, to seeking and finding. It should spur us to turn round and round and then to start all over again to see how much further we can go on this path.

There is no God out here in space. The God there is, is hidden within us, waiting for each one of us to discover for himself. We do not have to go any place in time or space. The spiritual journey, the greatest of all adventures, is not made in time or space. It is a journey in consciousness - and this journey no one can make for us.