Radiant Energy

Working with the Aura

The aura is an expanded definition of what you are. It is the collection of energy that is your physical body as well as the layers of varying vibrations of energy that encompass your physical body. When we leave this world and our physical bodies behind, what is left of us is the energetic accumulation of our essence.

Whenever events change in our lives, whenever something happens and our physical condition takes a turn for the better or the worse, whenever the people in our lives take on new names and face or our perspective shift and we begin to see things differently, whenever these things happen, they are the results of the changes that have already taken place in our aura. The more we know about our auras, the better we will be able to understand why changes take place in our lives. Understanding the aura through words can be the first step toward sensing your aura and consciously working with your energy fields so that you empower yourself to create a balanced and harmonious relationship between all levels of You.

The purpose of the information here is not to go into depth about the architecture of the aura. If you are interested in learning the intricacies of what makes up the aura and how the energy all connects together, a book that may be of interest is Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan. What this page does provide you with is a breakdown of the levels of the aura, what they represent and how they can affect your daily life. These levels are often referred to as energy bodies. The further out from the physical body you go, the higher the vibration of the energy body. This means that the human body is the densest and most slowly vibrating of all your energy bodies, which is also the reason why it can be seen with the human eye. Your other energy bodies become visible the more you develop your clairvoyant sensitivities and attune yourself to their vibrational frequencies although it is important to remember that what is vital is the alignment of your energetic bodies and not necessarily the ability to see them - although this may come naturally as a result of the alignment process.

Vibrational Level Plane Auric Layer  Chakra Association  Relationships
Lowest Vibration

Highest Vibration
Physical Plane Etheric

This is the first layer of your aura nearest to your physical body. It is cultivated out of the thoughts, feelings, sounds and actions of the soul that inhabits it. When the soul and body merge, a relationship is formed between the physical and higher planes. The more athletic you are, the more this layer appears as a thick, jagged dark bluish gray. The less active and physically strong the body, the more this appears as a thin light blue layer. The first lesson of the physical body is to learn discernment Ė perception without judgment - before it can begin to communicate with its connected energy bodies.


This level is associated with your feelings. When you are balanced and pure of heart, the positive feelings you have about yourself and in turn about the world around you appear as clear bright multi-colored clouds. If this energy body is weak, its colors appear murky and dark. If your emotional body is uncharged, you may notice that you have difficulty expressing unconditional love toward yourself and your environment. The main lesson of the emotional body is to learn detachment.

Solar Plexus

This body is associated with all thoughts and mental processes which include your ideas and opinions. The Mental Body receives communication from the Universal Mind and processes this information through a filtering system located in the pineal gland of the brain.

Master Kuthumi explains that,

“The mental body and the mind are not the same. The mental body is the resonance field within the auric shield that collects the data and transfers them for us to other systems within the other bodies. Mind energy is the God Force that surrounds the mental body. The highest form of communication that can be transmitted to the mental body comes in the form of symbols. The highest symbols the mental body must integrate into its essence before it can unite with the higher frequencies surrounding it are: truth and service to others.” (pp. 80-81, The Light Shall Set You Free)
The more you concentrate on mental processes, the brighter the energy of this body glows a radiant lemon yellow. The more you focus on thoughts, the more you empower them to become powerful forces influencing your life. Those with strong mental bodies are often inspired to study, rediscover knowledge, expand their understanding and clarify their ideas.

Astral Plane Astral

Also known as the causal body, this body is the center of love bridging or connecting the energy flowing between the physical and spiritual worlds. It acts as a shield protecting the three lower bodies from the harmful forces that exist in the astral plane. When it is highly charged, this body appears as a more complex medley of multi-colored fluid clouds then the Emotional Body. It vibrates at a much higher frequency with the distinct essence of the vibration of love. This body has direct impact upon your relationships with everything in the universe. The goal of this body is to understand and commit to its greater purpose.

Spiritual Plane Divine

This body is also referred to as the higher mental body. In this body is stored information about your Physical Plane bodies and holds within it knowledge of the blueprint of the perfectly harmonious state of your Etheric Body.

Master Kuthumi continues to explain that this body

“is the part of the mental body that is connected to the heart of the Christos and that which directs life to evolve to higher states of existence. The higher mental body receives its messages from the Higher Self through a series of impulses sent down from the Seventh Dimension. Oneís ability to receive clear messages through the higher mental body is determined by the degree to which the causal body has absorbed the lower, discordant frequencies of the three bodies that exist below it. When all is in alignment, messages flow clearly and the individual proceeds to fulfill Godís will before the will of the ego. Obedience and courage to a higher purpose in life are the keys to master within this body before one can advance further.” (pp.81-82, The Light Shall Set You Free)
This body vibrates at the level where sound creates matter. If you were to see this body, it would appear like a negative photograph Ė transparent lines outlining its form on a deep blue background.

Third Eye

The body of Divine Love radiates energy of love worlds beyond that which we know to be love in human form. This body is your connection to the source of Love and Light, the connection to Oneness, unconditional acceptance, joy and bliss. This is the body through which the Ascended Masters communicate with us. The multi-colored shimmer of this body is tinted with a golden-silver luminescence. When you reach a state of awareness in which you can sense all things represented by Divine Love, you have reached a point in your existence where you can experience heaven on Earth. Connection to Divine Love is attained through the consistent practice of meditation.


The Divine Mind is the seat of the Higher Self. This body appears as a golden egg that encompasses and protects your essence like a shield, regulating the flow of energy to you and from you. Just as the body of Divine Will stores information about your Etheric Body, so does the Divine Mind body hold information about your plan in this life.

Master Kuthumi also talks about the existence of an eighth ‘energy vortex body’ and a ninth ‘electron body’ that serve us in the process of our ascension. If you would like to read the full transmission of Master Kuthumiís explanation of the energy bodies, it can be found on pages 77-85 of The Light Shall Set You Free by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune. Remember that as the vibration of the bodies increases, they become more formless as their radiance intensifies. The higher the vibration, the stronger and more resilient the energy body.

An exercise for you if you wish study the energetic state of your bodies:

As you read about each auric layer, start to identify through your Higher Self what sort of changes have been going on to your energy fields and how these changes have/are impacting on your physical life. Meditate on the following questions as you examine each level of your aura and then spend some time reflecting on your realizations. Perhaps even write down what Higher thoughts surface and open yourself up to the opportunities that present themselves. There are no right answers here for you are in the process of remembering your own story in all its perfection, purity and radiance.

Etheric Body

“Have I been more or less physically actively lately?”
“Has a specific event or emotion triggered a change in my level of activity?”
“How would this energetic layer of my aura look if I were to see it now?”
“Am I satisfied with the various physical aspects of my life (e.g. fitness, health, physical self-expression)?”
“Would changing the way I see myself in this body have an effect on my auric field?”
“Do I want to change what I imagine to be the state of this layer of my aura? If so, how would I want it to be different?”

Emotional Body

“How do I feel right now?” (Identify the emotions that are bubbling up to your surface.)
“Do I feel these emotions often or are they new to me?”
“Do certain situations trigger specific emotions?”
“Do I enjoy the recurring emotions I feel on a regular basis?”

Mental Body

“Do I control my mind, or does my mind control me?”
“Is my mind full of thoughts all the time, or are there moments of emptiness?”
“Does using my mind make me feel tired and drained or inspired and alert?”
“Do I find it easy to make decisions?”
“Do unplanned events make me uncomfortable?”
“Do I enjoy making plans or do I tend to avoid thinking about my next step?”
“Do I enjoy learning or is the idea of discovering new things uninteresting to me?”
“How sharp is my memory and has it always been this way?”

Astral Body

“Has my personality changed over the years, or have I stayed consistently the same?”
“Do I attract a similar type of person into my life or are my friends and acquaintances colorful and varied?”
“Am I often told that Iím too hard on myself?”
“Do I sometimes think that Iím too hard on others?”
“Do people often fail to meet my expectations?”
“Do I enjoy spending time in nature, watching the stars or caring for the wellbeing of animals?”
“Do I expect the people in my life to give me something in exchange for my company?”
“Can I identify a pattern in which I often have misunderstandings with certain types of people?”
“Do I ever feel misunderstood?”
“Can I identify people with whom I feel heavy, burdened, dizzy or tired? Am I inspired to continue relationships with people who make me feel this way?”
“Do I remember ever meeting someone for the first time that I felt I already knew?”

Divine Will

“Do I take action when I feel inspired about something I am passionate about or do I tend to over-think things until the moment has passed?”
“Does life often feel like a struggle or do things just seem to happen without much effort?”
“Can I let go easily of things, ideas, beliefs and perceptions or do I prefer to feel secure in the way I view the world?”
Read the above description of this body again and meditate on what you feel this implies about you and what you already know about yourself.

Divine Love

“Do I enjoy meditating or does the thought of being silent with myself bring me sadness and frustration?”
“Do I see beauty in everything?”
“Do I feel connected to a power greater then me?”
“Do I ever feel completely satisfied with the way things are, free of stress and worry?”
“Am I able to recognize myself amidst all the roles I play?”
“Can I connect with a sense of fullness and experience love and peace whenever I want?”
“Am I easily hurt by others and feel helpless and crushed?”
“Can I honestly say to myself that I unconditionally love everyone in my life no matter what they would do or say to me?”

Divine Mind

“Do I repeat mantras that consciously remind me of the power and purpose of energy?”
“Can I visualize what the outer-most layer of my aura looks and feels like?”
“Am I aware of Oneness and connection with all or do I feel alone and isolated from the world?”

After you have worked through these questions, try completing this final stage of the exercise:

Without thinking about the answer, what is the first color that comes to your mind when you think about each layer of your aura? If you are able to, sketch out a picture of what you think your aura might look like and then do some further research to learn more about what your chosen colors mean to you. Repeating this exercise over time will produce different responses and present you with new keys to doors that lead you deeper into Yourself.

The purposes of the exercises above are INTROSPECTION and SELF OBSERVATON - to observe yourself on Earth as you work with your Higher power in order to

  • understand the impact and vital importance that energy has on your physical manifestation,
  • examine your current situations, how you got here and how things can change when you align with the various levels of your auric fields,
  • realize the Law of Cause and Effect and how it impacts everything around you and to
  • experience the lasting impressions of your choices.